Deck Furniture Layout Ideas

So you now have deck, and wants to make it beautiful by adding furnitures. The problem now is what kind of furniture that can work ? and what layout. In this article we will visit some tips on deck furniture layout ideas and some furniture you can use. This simple guide however may not be enough by itself. But at least it can open a path for you.

Furniture Sets that you can use

These are some furniture sets that you can use for your deck furniture layout ideas. There probably many more but we will only mention some which you can use.

Bistro furniture sets

This sets are ideal for small space such as small apartment patio, breakfast bridge/nook and even simple balcony. this sets are available in any materials, steel, plastic, wood, you name it. The set usually come in standard for typical balcony height. In terms of style there are plenty of choice ranged from classical iron set to cushion set which can add more comfort to your patio's seating. Additionally bistro set can be dressed up with various decorations or you can simply buy more cushions to decorate them.

Dining furniture sets

Need to enjoy meal at your patio ? This is the set for it. it's available from five to nine piece set. adequate enough to ensure that your family and friends got seated. The set may also come with extendable dining table, good for versatility. Wood are the best material for this set as it can provide same comfort as indoors dining set.

Conversation furniture sets

This is basically the exterior version of living room and of course a part of deck furniture layout ideas you can consider. This sets come in with a pair of conversation chairs with ottomans and with additional accent table. It provide nice setting area to a front or back porch. Should you have large family, you need to look for a love seat and coffee table, to give everyone room to spread out. The set is usually modular which can be grouped into different configurations. Thus you can easily adapt the set according to the occasion or event you held. Thus providing greater and more entertaining effect. 

Beach set.

Funky and colorful, this patio beach set can give very relaxing look and one deck furniture layout ideas you can consider. Typical beach patio set may include various swing sets such as hammock and swing set chair. This set is ideal for both large or small patio. One downside is that you may need some element protection or simply put them back in when not used.

Tips and trick on determining layout

In this final section of this article, we will visit some tips you can use for detailing deck furniture layout ideas. As mentioned in the article opening, these tips may not be the only source you can use, there are others too you can learn. But hopefully it would be helpful to you.

Tips #1 : Focal point

The first thing to do is to determine the focal point or the heart of your patio. This heart area will serve as the main gathering area. The remaining decoration however will be build off this area.

Tips #2 : What's the purpose of your patio

This gone back to the first day you decided to build your patio, what's that for. It would help you determine what kind of furniture sets to put and how it will affect your patio.

Tips #3 : Traffic management

This tip requires you to arrange clearance for passageway of your patio. For area where you expect high traffic, use 30-48 inch of clearance, for area having less traffic 24 inch would be sufficient. Another tip is to arrange seating that the traffic are directed around the seating instead of through it. This will save quite bit of headache of always to say excuse me or pardon whenever your guest want to walk.

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Tips #4 : Furniture arrangement

Place the longest piece of furniture along the walls and face the focal point. This will help a lot in adding the charm. source